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This is my favorite place to stay! I have been twice now, once with my kids, once without, I cannot wait to go back! The people are wonderful, rooms are cozy, food is great, I wouldn’t change a thing! – Jacquline B., Pennsylvania

My husband and I stayed in the JEB Stuart room at The Fairfield Inn for the last two days of the 150th reenactment of the battle of Gettysburg. Each room has a story to tell, and for history buffs the slanting floors, original farmhouse, antiques and ghost stories are part of the authenticity of the experience of staying there. Kudos to John, the new owner, for keeping the history alive. We found our room to be comfortable, the mattress firm, the linen and bathroom very clean, the television and wifi working, and the staff friendly, knowledgeable, and very accommodating. We had a lovely dinner in the dining room seated next to the old hearth (loved the biscuits!) and had an after dinner chat with none other than President Lincoln ( a local reenactor) which added a wonderful dimension to the meal. The breakfast was large and satisfying. It was nice to retire to Fairfield each evening to avoid the large crowds in Gettysburg during the reenactment, and we found the drive time back and forth to be brief. All in all our stay at The Fairfield Inn was wonderful, and we wouldn’t hesitate to stay there again during our next trip to Gettysburg. – Stacy G., Kentucky

Greg & Marianne's wedding

Greg & Marianne’s wedding

If you are interested in the history of Gettysburg, wanting to stay in one of America’s oldest inns, or simply want a wonderful place to stay – then you have got to go here. The Inn was built in 1757 and anyone who made America seemed to have graced its doors. Wonderful staff – Annette – great food, and the atmosphere of history made it a great weekend. The package included one dinner for two, breakfast each day – and just a wonderful experience (I recommend the JEB Stuart Room). We intend on coming back next year. – John L., New York

Hidden Gem near Gettysburg, PA! – Marty R., New York

The innkeeper was welcoming and seriously funny with his dry sense of humor. – Lauren H., New Jersey

I couldn’t believe my eye! – Cyclops

Lincolns & Grants

Lincolns & Grants

What a wonderful restaurant! I just discovered it tonight on a web search, and quickly made a reservation. The new owner (from Adams County Winery), provided a gracious tour, including some fascinating bits of history. Imagine an Inn (yes, there are beautiful rooms as well), in constant operation since 1757. Much of the original features still exist, and the numerous stories about the building as well as the town, and a very special “secret” room, where escaped slaves were hidden during the Civil War are all there for you to soak in. Don’t forget to leave a penny in one of the stone walls and make a wish! All of them are collected at the end of the year and donated to the Salvation Army. For such a great cause, how can your wish not come true??? – Erica S., Maryland

Stayed here for a few nights last summer. By far the neatest place we have ever stayed! The building and interior are beautiful, and it’s definitely got a story around every corner. Breakfast is really good here as well. Would definitely stay again. – Kristen S., Pennsylvania

Visitors from the South

Visitors from the South

We stayed here the first week in July during the 150th anniversary celebration/reenactment of the great battle of Gettysburg. We had the Major Sam Starr room way up on the third floor. It’s the smaller of their rooms but well appointed and even has a Jacuzzi. Other rooms are quite a bit larger and all are period furnished and decorated. The whole experience was fantastic – well beyond fabulous. Staff is wonderful and service was tops. This place had the best bath towels of any on our three week trip! Staying in such an historic place brings all kinds of emotions. To think Lee and his officers stopped there for dinner on their retreat from Gettysburg is simply awesome. We had Lee’s menu selections a couple times and it’s delicious. In fact, General Lee and his wife (living history buffs) stopped in during one of our dinners and gave us a detailed insight into their private lives, marital squabbles, and coping with the war and Lee’s absence from home. That was quite a memorable event…. All their dinner, lunch and breakfast offerings are very good — really great restaurant! It is a lovely respite from the bustle of Gettysburg tourists and only eight miles down the road. Loved every part of it and wish it wasn’t so far from us so we could get back more often. – Steve F., Louisiana

Mr. & Mrs. Lee

General and Mrs. Lee

Despite the potential for a drop off after the new owners took over, I was relieved to feel just as welcome & as comfortable as in previous years. – Scott K., Canada

I wanted to stay in a place near Gettysburg that wasn’t just another ordinary run of the mill hotel or motel. The Fairfield Inn fits this category in more ways than one; this is a place with a great history to it especially from the Civil War and before. The rooms were extremely clean and bear a strong resemblance to hotel rooms of the 19th century but with the modern comforts that we would expect today. In terms of price, it is great value considering that one would most likely pay more for the same type of accommodation in Gettysburg itself. The staff were wonderful and friendly. The restaurant served good food and is fairly good value in comparison with what one might find in Gettysburg. If you like a quiet location within 15 minutes of Gettysburg, with an illustrious history, and something different from just another motel or hotel this is the place for you. – Greg, Canada

The history of this place is overwhelming. The food was good, and the service was delightful. We went with a group of 32 people and the staff was able to easily maintain great service. The underground railroad secret room upstairs was pretty moving. – Jon C., California

We went this weekend and had one of the best meals I ever had and some of the best service I ever encountered. The assistant innkeeper was friendly and knowledgeable about the Inn and the history and talked with us and shared some stories about ghostly encounters lol she even said she considered it a privilege to work in such a historic building. I would have to agree. From the crab cakes to the fruit pie everything was superb. The decor is fantastic and I would not hesitate to recommend this restaurant to anyone I know. – Sharon N., Pennsylvania